Condensed Hereafter Stone: Right click it to open a worldgate - even to places you've never been, 5 min cooldown, is not consumed.

Hereafter Beacon: Right click it to save coordinates. Does not work in dungeons or other instances. Right click it again to receive a choice: open worldgate or record coordinates. Can only save one location at a time, 5 min cooldown.

Quickseed Planter: Enables each patron owned land plot to have its own seedling preferences, which saves the locations of all newly planted seedlings and enables one-click whole field planting, saving time from aiming where to put your seeds. Does not work if you do not have enough seeds or there is a newly-placed object where a seed is supposed to go. A timer similar to opening the family quest beehive will prevent movement while the quickseeding is in progress. Also, allow things to be planted on the ocean floor. Coral and pearls are pay to win.

Patron-only Vehicles: Rusty Farm Wagon(axle grease only), Leaky Merchant Schooner(missing 10 cargo containers), Sputtering Steambike(no boost), Cracked Wheeled Mortar(5% chance to explode and damage user), Lemon Timber Coupe(no fuel/boost). Meters/second movement reduced by 25%. These vehicles can be repaired/upgraded to the normal versions using 1/2 of the materials required to make them.

PvP feature: Flanked: This is a debuff that reduces physical/magical attack and defenses by 5% for every player that inflicts damage on you. Debuff ends when combat ends. NPCs do not benefit from Flanked debuff, and penalties cannot go below -50%.

PvP damage modifier: -50% damage received when attacked by a player.

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