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Thread: Impossible Achievements (RNG Based Time Limited)

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    Yeah the RNG-based event reward for a title is messed up. I was lucky this time and even received 3 astra eggs on my main character but I don't like the system. How soon till they start selling titles from past events for credit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dumbo View Post
    So you're saying they are Intentionally offering up a Quest that they Know you cannot complete? What sense does that make? And I know its longer than 10 minutes because the one time I did get the treasure was about 18 minutes into the hour.

    I've been here a Looong time and I do not remember any Quest that was handed out deliberately After the possibility of completing it. I've seen quests that you do something and have to wait for literal hours until you can do the next part.

    But I've never seen - This quest is over, so I am giving it to you now.
    The 14 or so odd timed events of this i've made it too, the treasure is up for 10 minutes after it gets discovered, so on conviction thats usually 10 minions past the top of the hour. So there's not a certain "amount" of treasure, its a certain amount of "time" (10 minutes) after its been dug up.

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    No reason to care any more it's clear that no real changes will come to the game so there won't ever be anything new or interesting to do. The decor and event prizes are stupid and worthless, game is boring and player base is rapidly dwindling. Same exact fight against the same toxic zerg for months produces no interest, even when you win it's boring
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    Quote Originally Posted by tinukeda View Post
    That's not what I'm saying, no.
    I believe the treasure is up for 10 minutes AFTER it gets discovered. If you've ever been there when it spawns, you'll know what I mean. So if you got to it at 18m past the hour, that means it took your server 8 minutes to uncover the treasure.

    Ah, here's a reminder about similar quests: the Igloo building quest from that just past fishing event. Same exact mechanics iirc.

    These quests do also run 4 times a day (times 16 days) for a total of 64 possible completions. Getting 15 shouldn't be a monumental effort.

    I didnt do the fishing event. Checked it out and checked out what you could 'earn'. I dont bother doing events just for the sake of doing them. There wasnt anything offered that I cared about, so I ignored it.

    Even so, you are not addressing my issue. If there is a "Timer" on receiving the item/treasure/whatever, that timer should be applying to the NPC that gives the quest. If the stuff is all gone, the NPC should not be handing out the quest.

    The Company, thru an NPC, Telling me "Go do this quest", and when I attempt to complete it I get told "We, the Company, are NOT allowing you to complete the quest" - THAT is when I get pissed off.

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    Timed ones arent realy an issue, even "do this number of things this number of times" arent an issue.. - but when you have any RNG based result, which has a chance of never happening, thats an issue. - In this case I'm left with 5 Achievements that now will probably never be completed.. and as someone who is actually tryign to complete all achievements (the only thing left realy in this game) - It's now impossible, so perhaps time to take my money somewhere else...

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