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Thread: Reaper Build 4.0-4.5

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    Reaper Build 4.0-4.5

    Hello players of Archeage! I was looking for a skillset for a reaper class combo (Sorcery, occultism, shadowplay)
    Abyssal, ancestral, passives and regular moves!
    (Sorry if this is worded poorly)

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    Same thing I shared with the guy in this thread

    First and foremost, make sure you dig into ALL the changes coming up in 4.5 The game is undergoing foundation changes, very organic changes to everything.

    I suggest you start with this video:

    I have managed to Do the videos on Sorcery and Occultism so you should have a good insight into what it will look like in 4.5

    Unfortunately, we don't have the final set of translations yet from Trion. I know Quill is working hard on them (that dude deserves a beer) and he will get us the translations as soon as he can.

    So its a little soon to try to do a 4.5 build on it.

    Now, as far as currently, hopefully someone can roll in here with a current 4.0 Reaper Build for you.

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