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    1. No info about that
    2. Yes but only 1 character per account
    3. The first month, you can't "p2w", but after.. let's see !
    4. 1 Month after, when a castle (Harany or Nuian) on Diamond Shore gonna up level 3.
    5. Not the 3 first month (or more maybe?)
    6. Yes, the FS is 4.5 so the limit of player in a guild will be like the 4.5 !

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    The FS is based on a limited 4.5 version. Features become unlocked by time.

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    Can you please verify how and when labor regeneration will start for these characters created for the fresh start.

    I.E if I purchase patron on April 1st, will I earn offline labor, or will everyone start this new server with 0 labor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savitar View Post
    5) The new races will be included in this fresh server too ?

    Every one needs to at the very least read before asking question. What little details Muzzy has already given includes stating the new races, Dwarf and Warborn are not available for the new Fresh Start servers.

    If gear options from 4.5 will be available why can't we start with the new races? Money spent not as limited as content? The marketplace was incredibly limited for the past Fresh Starts. Vanity items never hurt any one, let us have a good variety of skins like mounts and costumes to purchase from the beginning this time.

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    Does this fresh start server have apex?? if there is, then dont even bother going, its just gonna be the same as the last fresh start !

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    So out of curiousity how much like launch are we talking?
    Will it be the old trade system? Will crafted gear go back to being rng?
    AFK timer?

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    1. Can we use many accounts to "cheat" restrictions (example: send resources from alt accounts to main account. Using lands of alt accounts)? If "yes", what is the reason to use single character system?

    2. Do you use any restrictions in regrade? (example: maximum starting quality is unique)
    If the answer is "no" +we can buy charms what the point to start new server? Rm users will get enormous advantage vs any "Normal" users. Legendary-mythic vs unique-celestial is out of "fair play" system.

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    Hey Muzzy. i dont know if you gonna read this but i will give it a try.

    I recently created a new Glyph account to play the fresh start server. and i bought the 9.99$ Legends Pack. My questions are:

    1) If i already bought the 9.99$ pack. can i still but the 99.99$? or i cant? if i can.. it will have a discount or it will cost the same?

    2) Is Trion releasing more Fresh-Start Packs? Like when the servers open we will be able to buy diferent/new packs or this Legends Return Packs are the only ones for now?


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    Apex will be sell-able.. So there's that.. I would be better if the FS would be Patron only

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    Hi. Will drivers be god mode like in 2.9 or will we have L50 drivers who can actually be killed?

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