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Thread: [East][PK] <TERROR> Hardcore PvP

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    Exclamation [East][PK] <TERROR> Hardcore PvP

    Original Recruitment Thread: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...core-PVP-Guild (Waifu/Synco's forum acct is banned, lol)

    Who are we?
    TERROR is an established Hardcore PvP community that has been around for 8+ years. Our main focus is PvP with an emphasis on Open Field fighting, focusing on synergy and communication. We favor quality over quantity, limiting our guild roster to about 30 members and limiting our group sizes to 5-20 players. This allows us to focus on strategy, rather than dumping sheer numbers on the enemy. If you think you’re up to being a part of TERROR, please check out the application process.

    Our goal on FS is to keep the guild small and tight, maintaining an emphasis on teamwork, maximizing our farm use, as well as having a good time PVPing.

    Faction: EAST
    Voice Communication: Teamspeak3 & Microphone & Discord (Required)
    Guild Focus: Hardcore PvP, Arena, Roaming, We kill anyone regardless of faction
    Operating Hours: NA, PST-EST

    -PvP is our primary focus, if you're some sh♥t carebear, you can fak off somewhere else.
    -We discourage fairweathers. If you actively display signs of it, you will be deported from TERROR island.
    -We like to have fun, it’s a game, we don’t like going full natzy during casual time in the guild. If you are trolled easily this is not the environment for you. Members must be able to accept constructive criticism and not get offended easily.
    -Listen to the Führer whenever necessary.
    -We provide for each other, if you're unable to provide for yourself/others, you're better off going somewhere else.
    -Don't bother if you're casual, stupid, or a crybaby

    This for you? Apply:
    Hop in Discord and follow the instructions prompted.
    message synco#0521

    In-game: Hi, Skeeth, Marteria, Baqir, or anyone from Terror really.

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    #1 NA GW2 GvG Guild Post-HoT
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    #1 NA ESO DC Guild
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    #1 Rift PVE Guild on Emberlord
    #1 RoM PVP Guild on Indigo

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    adding to the guild list. u may not get far killing ur faction for the sake of killing doe... lots of jail time as it is 50 crime points for 1 kill
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    thats fine, nothing new

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    message synco#0521

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    Are you still accepting applications?

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    yeah, just hop in the discord and msg anyone, or msg synco#0521 directly

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    gang gang

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