- Centennial -

What Are We About?
We're just a couple of nerds on our computers every day looking for other friends to come join us.

What Kind Of Guild Is This?
This is like any average Guild!
We will partake in server events and do dungeons and raids!
We will have guild meetings at serious times and
we will have a discord where we all just mess around
This is all optional of course

Are There Any Rules?
Yes there are rules wth.....
I mean we're a chill guild
You can kill anyone you want
anything you want
Just not each other....
or any of our allies....
No Drama and just respect our family
Other than that we just listen to music in the discord

Where do I join!??!!
Just do this little Survey and we'll talk
The Requirement isn't hard to join
we just want to know more about you
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