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Thread: Thunderwing questions...

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    Thunderwing questions...

    Thinking about transferring over, whatís pirate faction look like? Whatís the West look like? Lots of pvp? An how would a 5k gs hold up, heard there is lots of whales. Any info is much appreciated, looking for life in this game an trying to decide on a transfer or fresh start. Thanks guys

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    Asking these questions before freshstart comes out is a bit silly as a lot of people will probably head there.

    Playernation is already dead and lots transferred off because they weren't doing anything. They just pulled in one of their east guilds, but since they did nothing together when they had the east alliance i doubt anything will happen now.

    East has a decent pop but crossguardx/lugaw really ♥♥♥♥ed over the east by allying the playernation, Then stopped showing up to help east after promising they would. wonk wonk transferred in to the server so now east has a strong guild at least.

    West has one organized group of guilds then 2 different carebear groups it seems. This is probably your best chance for anything.

    Pirates have 3 different groups but a lot of them are going freshstart. You probably would just get killed all day on growlgate if you went here with 5k gearscore.

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    thanks for the intel, much appreciated. Think Iím leaning more toward fresh start. Like you said I think most will head there an thatís the best chance for a lively server.

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