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Thread: Archeage crafting tool and calculator

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    Archeage crafting tool and calculator

    5/14/18 - Added a new tab for calculating items and cost for Erenor feeding based on Aired's data. You can use this to compare the cost of different items at grade needed to determine the most cost-effective way to upgrade your Erenor gear.

    4/9/18 - Added merchant prices to recipes and updated the cost of weapon crafting to include the minimum regrade costs to go from level to level. This only applies to one attempt each grade. Thank you to Aired for providing the regrade cost data. If anyone has any data on armor regrades they would be willing to share please let me know.

    4/4/18 - All items have been updated to match Archeage version 4.5

    Archeage 4.5 Crafting: Materials and Labor calculator
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    Set it to View Only?

    Is there someway to set it so that people can't mess it up? Judging from the comments on the youtube video, this keeps happening, and as of right now, it seems to be messed up again...
    I'd suggest setting it to view only :S

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