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    4.5 q & a

    Hello adventurers!

    This thread will be for you to ask 4.5 (Legacy) related questions only (Fresh Start Q&A can be found here).

    Please take a look at the Patch Notes first:

    Now that you're all caught up, please feel free to ask your 4.5 specific questions below. I will be deleting any non questions to keep it nice and clean. I'll then collect the questions, get answers, and put them under this paragraph.

    Please have patience for the response time.

    If you've noticed any mistakes with the Patch Notes, please PM me (Muzzy).


    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______

    What time will the servers be closed and opened on April 5th?
    They will be closed during this time period for the update.
    EU: 1 PM UTC (Close) - 7 PM UTC (Open), April 5th, 2018 (Thursday). Servers will not open any earlier than 7 PM UTC.
    NA: 10 AM PDT (Close) - 4 PM PDT (Open), April 5th, 2018 (Thursday). Servers will not open any earlier than 4 PM PDT.

    Will there be a change to the max Guild size on Legacy?
    Yes. The new max guild size will be 50 – a core change that XL believes strongly in. Currently Legacy guilds will be grandfathered in, and no one will be kicked out of their guild, though guilds over 50 will not be able to add any more members until they reduce below 50. Guild size starts with a 30 member cap at guild level 1 and will increase up to 50 as it levels.

    I have already started the Ayanad Earring and Dream Ring quests. How will my progress be affected after the launch?
    If, before launch, you have already started the quest line for the Dream Ring, then after the launch you will continue down the quest path towards the permanent version. You will be unable to start the rechargeable version of the questline. The same goes for the Ayanad Earring quest line.

    In the very slim chance that you wait to activate the Mysterious Gem (Dream Ring quest starter), or the Unknown Orb (Ayanad Earring quest starter), until after 4.5 Legacy launch, and then also get the post launch versions of those items, you’ll have to make a choice for which path to activate – the Legacy (permanent) version, or the new rechargeable version.

    Will the crime point increase from 10 to 50 per kill be included in the 4.5 release?
    Yes. In version 4.5, Infamy Points for each crime will be upgraded.
    Larceny will increase from 1 to 5 points.
    Assault will increase from 1 to 5 points.
    Murder will increase from 10 to 50 points.

    Will the Turtle Ship be available in the 4.5 release?
    Yes, the Turtle Ship will be available on both Fresh Start and legacy. Good luck finding this ancient power!

    Will cottages will cost 15 or 100 Gilda?
    Cottages will cost 15 Gilda Stars.

    Updated 4/4 4:00 PM PDT

    In the patch notes, it states "Adjusted the shop price of Seed Bundles of Pen items". Will this be higher or lower prices?
    In all cases, the prices have risen on these items.

    Will the Metallic Crate drop rates be changing from 4.0? If so, how?
    The Metallic Crate system is getting a large revision in Legends Return. First of all, the crates are being renamed and we’re also adding a third box variant that can drop. These items are known as the Copper (Lost Metallic Crate), Silver (Metallic Auroran Crate), and Gold Crates.

    While the number of Copper and Silver crates dropped will slightly be reduced, it is because the Shadow Invasion system will be reliably dropping Gold Crates at a rate that is significantly higher than what Auroria previously produced (almost 3x the rate.) The Golden Crates will also be reliably producing Fire, Wave, and Copperglow lunagems. All crates have had their lunagem droprate adjusted so they drop more gem materials and less gold.

    Finally, the price of keys in this update has also been drastically reduced by reducing the materials required for a key. For example, a Copper Key alone went from requiring 50 copper ingots to 18 copper ingots. The same is true of the gold keys, which only require 8 gold ingots.

    Overall, the results here should be more lunarite coming into the market, a new set of challenges that reliably produce lunarite, with a reduction in the price of keys to open crates.

    Will 4.5 see the same Ravenspine Glider as 4.0, or will there be any changes?
    There will be no changes to the Ravenspine Glider in Update 4.5.

    Specialty Packs are the current bottleneck for Cargo production, and thus Charcoal production, which is in high demand and very expensive. Will we be getting the new Tradepack recipe changes that will make them even harder, thus impacting Charcoal even more?
    Yes, we will be receiving the Update 4.5 trade pack changes. However, we have been reading the community threads on this issue and have been in touch with XL regarding the sentiments surrounding these changes. While no change will be made for launch, a continued discussion will happen regarding our economic status.

    Is family fishing going to be enabled on the Fresh Start servers? And if so what steps are you going to take to try to prevent the assisted fishing?
    Family Fishing is going to be enabled on the Fresh Start servers, however the quest comes with a level 30 limit for the fisher. We are also discussing future changes to Family Fishing with XL, so more adjustments may be happening in the future.

    Several crafting titles require crafting Illustrious equipment. Will we be able to craft Illustrious equipment directly to get these titles or do we need to hurry up and buy Apprentice and craft Artificer - Illustrious in 4.0 to get the titles?
    The achievements related to Illustrious Weapons and Armor will be removed in Update 4.5. These titles may be re-designed and re-introduced at a later date, much like the Drink and Drunk emotes.

    Will we still have a limit of 30 buffs in 4.5, and are there any buff icons that don't count towards that total?
    Yes, we will still be retaining the same buff limit, and the buff system has not been changed.

    Are we getting the new Item Locking feature, and if so, can it lock inventory objects as well as equipped objects?
    We will not be receiving the Item Lock feature at this time.

    How will XL balance the Nuian 16x16 quest to keep it inline with how easy the Haranyan quest is?
    The long-term request with XL is to replace the wool component with an item that is equivalent to the banana’s grow time and accessibility. However, for the short term, combined feed has been added to the livestock merchants for 40 silver each.

    Do Pirates earn anything for defending Morpheus, since they can't kill it themselves? If not, shouldn't they?
    The Morpheus fight has not been altered for Update 4.5, but this is a suggestion we can make to the XL team.

    With the removal of Aurora gear drops what will happen to unidentified drops? such as devine leather armor drop and so on?
    These unidentified drops will be replaced with rare drops of Bound Cloaked Illustrious gear. You’ll be able to choose your item if you desire, or disassemble it.

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    In 4.5 are materials needed for tradepacks going to increase? ( No mention of this in patch notes)

    Also it mentions in the patch notes "Adjusted the shop price of Seed Bundles of Pen items" , will this be higher or lower prices?

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    is 15 gilda the final price for 16x16 house? and will it be different for fresh start

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    When FreshStart server PTS will be online

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    Q: DO we get trade system changes ?
    During stream u guys said we wont but it is implemented on PTS so how is it gonna be for live servers ?

    Q2: do we get the same drop rates from metalic crates on live like they are now on PTS ?

    Q3: do values for discontinued mats like yellow corals are final and will be the same for live servers ?
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    Will FS get the dawnsdrop gear from the bluesalt quest that starts in solisa?

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    Will the Ravenspine glider stay and work the same way or the invisibility is being put on a skill?

    Sunken Lifeboats - will they have a new pack that drops from them requiring higher proficiency to open?

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    Why did XL increase the cost of making Specialty Packs in this verison?
    Specialty packs are the biggest bottleneck to generating Cargo.
    They were barely worth doing before, and now they're even more expensive across the board.

    The previous routes that were worth doing have been considerably nerfed.

    It's clear they want us to do specialty pack runs, otherwise there wouldn't be such a high specialty pack requirement for generating cargo. So why were they nerfed so hard?

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    "Characters now gain 2 Skill Points every 2 levels, totaling 28 skill points."

    Does this mean that we will have 28 skill points at level 28?

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    The patch notes say that the combo effect on Bullwark Ballad with dissonance decreases enemy Defense Penetration -10% when they are under the effects of Dissonance. What does that mean? Does that mean 10% of their armor is ignored (as translated by omnom) or does that mean that their defense penetration stat is debuffed by 10%?

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