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Thread: Worth starting on this server?

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    Worth starting on this server?

    My SO and I haven't played since launch, but are looking to try it again. We were originally intending to do the new server, but our playtime is severely limited (he is training and only home on weekends, I'm home with a baby). Given that, and the fact that we'd like to RP, we are thinking that a legacy server actually might make more sense. Here is my thought process, is this correct?

    -'unofficial' RP server
    -Less activity in lower level zones and the world in general
    -Easier to get land casually (no land rush to deal with, just find the decayed properties etc)

    FS Server
    -More lively
    -More equal footing (which we will quickly fall behind on, tho)

    I do worry about getting shrekt by people on Conviction who are crazy geared, but hoping we won't bump into much trouble until leveled/moderately setup since people will be in higher end zones?

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    Don't try to bring that rp to Conviction.

    Most of the server will look at you strangely....then kill you

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    There's a few pockets of Tahyang left that rps, just a sad skeletal husk of what it once was.

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    I like when roleplayers lose their packs and cry on faction...
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