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Thread: Microtransactions on Fresh Start servers

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    Microtransactions on Fresh Start servers

    I want to discuss the microtransaction store on the fresh start servers with you guys.
    It's pretty clear that there is pay-to-win aspects in the game, but I was seriously shocked to see the extend of what it is on NA just now.

    There are items in the cashshop like foods, pots, elixirs and other essential stuff for pvp.
    How is this supposed to work? People that do pay money and buy those packages will have a crazy advantage over those who don't. And yes I agree, after a few weeks these items might be easily obtainable through crafting/marketplace, but especially at the start this is a huge advantage.

    I do not understand how this could remotely be "fair" or competetive...
    I read the statement on twitter about the concerns of other people about this (link ), but they clearly did nothing to change the cash shop....

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    How is it supposed to work?

    You no pay, you no win.
    Epic Erenor Scepter - 856 Magic Att, 733 gimped DPS.
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    "Balance" . . . This doesn't even take in to account the 978.4 epic erenor nodachi, or 978 mAtt staff.

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    This game is free to play, did the ever officially say it's not pay to win?

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    Getting real sick and tired of people crying about this, go cry quietly to yourself or friend's.
    Tired of seeing this everywhere just get on with it, play or don't play.

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    If you're surprised by this, you haven't been paying attention the last 4 years.

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    At this point your beating a dead horse. We all know how the game work. I think this everyone #one last ride of this great game. Enjoy the game while it lasted
    Been a month and my ticket have yet been resolve.
    My account was hacked and i lost everything
    Never Solved but not happy

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