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Thread: Oh, Well :@

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    Oh, Well :@

    A while ago,
    I was told I was dangerous...
    I asked why?
    They said, “Because, you don’t need anyone.”
    That’s when I smiled, and blew up their Enoan with a, two man, Cutter Bomb Boat
    “More with Less” FTW

    Now, I’m going to live in the Mountains
    Crystallized all my gear, so, no more need to bust my rump working for upgrades

    Have fun chasing a Ghost!

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    Wow you're so cool

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    I have no need, to prove my worth
    “More with Less” is forever my verse
    Skill is surviving with less gear, less gold
    Troll Salt’s lost it’s Tang, it’s flat, it’s old

    Free Farm is waining, it flows at a cost
    Burning bridges, the fires, consume all that is lost
    Focus forward, not back, the only recourse
    Because repeating yourself is just redundant, of course

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