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Thread: Fledgling Phoenix autocast not working?

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    Fledgling Phoenix autocast not working?

    So I bought this new pet on AH and was trying it in pvp and arenas but it didn't seem to be autocasting heals when I got below 20%.

    Therefore I asked a friend to duel me and lower my HP all the way down to 20% only to confirm it wasn't working.

    The skill does work properly if I click on it manually but autocast seems to disabled.
    Is it working as intended or bugged?

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    On the other hand you can use the skill manually even when you are not below 20% but whenever you want.
    A huge bonus imo.
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    Paid $150 solely for the bird, hoping it'd be something useful without allocating more keys for its skill.
    Same here. Auto cast won't cast, can't even manually cast it when it's on auto.
    This is religulous.

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