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Thread: Taking the game down for a wipe

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    Taking the game down for a wipe

    Taking the game down for a wipe probably would of been the best course of action at this point given the exploits, and all of the angry people in regards to fam fishing and everything else that has gone on, a lot of people i think find them selves stuck not knowing how to make gold with the terrible pack system and or lack of land they have.

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    There will never be a wipe in this fresh start, I'm sorry.

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    As much as I'd like to see a wipe it won't work as people have payed real money so the work to compensate them and get the pack items re-sent ECT... Would be far to much work for Trion to do.

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    trion never wipe any of game he have event in epic faill launch

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    I wrote a decently sized post explaining why, no matter the number of wipes, a mid level(or lower) player is always going to be a mid level player because their are people who want it more. I also called you a potato........but then I realized it didn't matter so this is what you get. Fresh starts are not supposed to be fair, they are cash vehicles for Trion and XL, they are not going to risk pissing off the people who dumped tons of cash into the server already just to please a bunch of mid level players who were never going to be happy with the results.

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    Just start +1 server with small changes like:
    - no option to buy patron with credits
    - locked trades in 1st week... Or landrush +2 hours to prevent resource transfer in critical rush period!
    (but 2nd this is optional. 1st change is enough to make game better and that is not in game change)

    + some nice changes (we will never get them, but we are dreaming now, right? )
    - lock family fishing in starting time or fix it!
    - Find Malcolm in Two crown quest: modify respawn time of Malcolm (to 20 secodns from 2,5 minutes). ! Or change the quests to activate quest for all raid/party members same time!
    - remove regrade scrolls from shop to restore player driven economy: metallic crate drops and "Points" droprate in this crates is extreme low, but low is better than "unlimited" vs money/gold.
    - syncronize gilda prices with original korean version!: this is new server. We don't need "Gifts" because old players get same items cheap in the past. 100 GS/cottages! Don't make it easy! (more GS = less alt account problems)

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    Your basically asking for another fresh start server. If you don't like how this one was done then just back away and wait for the next round.

    Hopefully they will improve on each new try because they have, just this one dropped in a curve, that while the community saw coming a mile away, XL didn't see until they dropped the ball.
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    Im not asking for anything i just wanted to see the temperature of the water.

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    There's nothing that happened even remotely warranting a wipe....

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    It's not even a week and people are already "find them selves stuck not knowing how to make gold with the terrible pack system". Why would a wipe even fix that?

    Believe it or not but literally anyone could have made good gold with the Family fishing, no exploiting, no botting, no macroing required, just some alts, instead people complained, get it disabled and then cry they can't make gold because of how terrible the pack system is... Welcome to ArcheAge I guess.

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