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    PTS deletion of toon

    I have no clue in these convoluted forums to to report an issue on PTS server and deleting toons the bug seems to be on lvl 55 it is not happening on lvl 1 through 15 on lvl 55 you delete a toon it counts down for 7 days when timer isgone the toon is not and so your locked out of that slot the old toons name in red no timer but not gone

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    To fix that issues they need to restart PTS server. After that your toon will be gone.

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    I didn't know about that, this clears some confusion!

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    Hey folks.. isnt this the official testing time ? I cannot log onto PTS1 .. keeps kicking me..

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    Same here.. i cannot log in -_-

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    Yes I noticed that too, I am still a little bit confused on when PTS will be available for F2P accounts. Kind of wish someone would make a time-table for it, but still. Believe me I am not complaining, I don't have stuff in mails anymore so I don't need to worry, I just hope when 5.0 Rolls around on PTS that it'll be open to F2P Accounts, instead of just having Patron accounts have access to 5.0. (Just saying) But ye, I thought this week would be the "opening" period, because as I remember of the past, even after a long while the update is on Live, they'll eventually open PTS (randomly) again. But this time it seems to be locked. Not sure when it will open, it would be nice before 5.0. But still. I know it's just easy to get APEX or Patron with $$ or viva in-game gold, granted I don't have that right now, nor do I have the real $$ to just spend willy nilly lol. If I did have a lot, I would probably be getting the 30d patron for 2400 Credits each month. :shrug: But I got priorities lol.

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    I think same time when 5.0 is released on PTS they will open up server for everyone.

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    And I have a different idea. Maybe in non-test periods, do one day a week or 2-3 days a month open to all accounts? and for the rest of the time only for patrons. Although getting a patron in the game is not difficult at all, only need 30 minutes a day and can earn money for patron.
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