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Thread: The Brotherhood Pirate Guild <Recruiting>

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    The Brotherhood Pirate Guild <Recruiting>

    Apply now as we kickstart the First Guild set on to be true Pirates
    Raiding, Plunder and woman...alot of nice woman is all but a small bounty to every sailor that sets his Pride in The Dark Brotherhood.

    What we offer:
    * We have a'lot of experience as the core members are all out of top tier Guilds from previous servers.[/SIZE]
    * Strict leadership where you will be Guaranteed to make a'lot of gold and take many heads
    * We will let fellow pirates have a say in situations
    * We will be making big borders where you can build houses and farms
    * We wont only target other people and their plunder, we will have raids to Kill Bosses and dungeons all over land and sea.

    What we need from you:
    *Hard work and dedication. to be the best pirate guild on the ocean
    *3-6 Hours a day playtime
    *You must have working mic, and we on our discord when online (details will be given when you join)

    This link when take you to the Application:

    Ask for info ingame:

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    So you only recruiting guys?

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    Women pirates OMEGALUL

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    You uprooted my illegal lemon tress! Then laughed at me! Now I know where to find you! ��

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