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Thread: Melee 4.5 gear

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    Blighter for 1v1s , abolishers for raids

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    just wondering whats a good target to aim for these days in terms of defensive stats? like for example

    Physical/magical defence

    Obviously i know the more you can get the better but in terms of order of importance and a goal/target to aim for what would they be?

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    For the classes mentioned in this thread is it worth getting a T7 while they are in the market so just go straight for erenor even if its going to take long to level it up since XL/trion ruined trade/cargos?

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    If you get a T7, get nothing less than legendary and then work your way towards Erenor, knowing ahead of time that your T7 will eventually be fed to it for a good boost. :-) I am using a Leg T7 Stamina katana and it is doing quite nicely.

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    unless you are playing some hybrid class where +magic or +healing is important to you absolutely positively do not go obsidian for your main hand. go erenor for your main hand. and furthermore, you may want to consider just buying a divine erenor. if you make a t7 leg obs sword that's ok because it is not right hand, it is 1h, and can go in your offhand when you finally get an erenor for mainhand. highest dps weapons should always go in your main hand (called "right hand" in game).

    as for spec, bladedancer and executioner are pretty popular. exec has more cc but BD lays down serious dps through crits, while also having group friendly abilities like debuffing pvp target. like the others said you can go br/shadow/x and do well. it all depends on your style of play. the glass cannons can solo by picking and choosing targets through good positioning. they can group by letting others go in first and "tank" while you sneak around to the back line and harass healers and high dps mages or archers. you can also hang back stealthed and protect your own healers. the tankier classes can go in balls out and just troll the enemy as long as you have a competent healer. i only know of 2 healers on my home server who pay enough attention to keep people alive. the rest have a 5-10 sec lag time to even heal so you have to play more cautiously. this isnt a hack on healers. they have it very tough because everyone goes for them first and nobody protects them and just expects magical heals to find them when they are overextended or out of line of sight.

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