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Thread: Paladin 4.5 help pls for the love beer....

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    Paladin 4.5 help pls for the love beer....

    I have always enjoyed playing pally builds in various games and decided to go with it in Archeage too, following what seem to be an older guide...

    Current build is:


    I really really need the help of a pally who knows how to play...Im now level 50 and struggling to enjoy the class. I like it...just not sure if im playing it right. Im yet to win a pvp fight and really dont want to give up...I have also tried healing and tanking and yet to be invited back to a dungeon group

    I have respecced and started leveling up the other class sets but figured id give it one last try with this post.

    So i ask for your mastery feedback...

    Weapons / Shield

    and anything else you can think off to help me master the class...

    If there are any good pallies out there pls help.....

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    i guess u stuck on pre 4.5 skills. The game change a lot with de new patch, so i recomend u to look on a new calculator skill.


    I play as pally since de very begin. But with the erenor weapons i decide to change class. At least u have a Mythic T7 shortspear i sugest u to do the same. Erenor Club not a good weapon since the dps is lower and as a pally dps is u primary stat.

    Maybe someday XL resolves faceroll and do a T8.

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