Hi ;v;
I am really shy and stuff and though I have tried asking in-game, I haven't had any responses.

I recently got back into ArcheAge because I missed it.. And was kicked out of my old guild for not being on [im assuming]. I am a college student so sometimes I can't be on.. But I would really love some new friends and a guild to play with!

I am not really a PvP player, I love being a support though! But my main love is crafting, exploring, and gathering/husbandry. I remember vaguely going with my old guild on some pirating travels.. But I am just really shy so maybe I was too shy to ask to go again hah~!

If you would like to invite me to your guild or ask me more questions, my IGN is Buuee or just private message me ;v;.

Thank you~

Edit: Forgot to say I have Discord too {currently no mic but working to get one} and on there I am Buuee#0001