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I still think the songcraft abyssal was way overhyped. It only lasts 8s and if you dont kill them in that time they just get that 30% max hp back (which also heals them that 30%) making it pointless. It's that vs the magic scaling shadowplay abyssal that ignores magic defense which will probably do more then 30% hp dmg anyway.
While it's obviously ideal to kill the target while they have 30% less health, Resonating Harmony definitely isn't pointless if the victim manages to survive it. Because of the way increasing/decreasing max health works, it effectively acts as a damage amplifier for its entire duration. Here's a (super simplified, forgive me) example to demonstrate how it works:WITHOUT RESONATING HARMONYTarget has 25k hitpointsYou deal 10k damage to them Their HP drops to 15k(Assuming no other effects, they are now at 15k hitpoints and you have dealt 0% bonus dmg)WITH RESONATING HARMONY:Target has 25k hitpointsYou hit them with Resonating Harmony. (We're going to ignore all the other aspects of Dissonance for this example.)Resonating Harmony reduces their max hitpoints -30%.25k x 0.7 = 17.5k new max hitpointsNOW you hit them with that same 10k dmg17.5k - 10k = 7.5k current hitpointsTheir current HP is 7.5k out of 17.5k, meaning they are at 43% max healthResonating Harmony wears offTheir max health jumps back up to 25kWhen this happens, the game looks at their current percentage of max health (43%), and gives them that amount of the new max.Since they were at 43% max health when it wore off, they go to 43% of their NEW max of 25k hit points25k x 0.43 = 10750 new current hitpoints!So since they started at 25k, and they ended at 10750, your "10k damage" dealt during the debuff's duration actually ended up doing 14250 dmg.Which means in this instance, Resonating Harmony gave you a whopping 42% bonus dmg. Which is pretty dang good!Hope that helps,-Quill
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