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Thread: Remove kadum [yes/no]

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    It is past the time of Trion to remove KADUM from fresh start servers. The boss is working as a gold seller farm trick, after all event logs more than 20 accounts and AFK, disrupting the players due to the LAG and even knocking down the server for many, same happened Friday.

    If the server intention is a controlled growth, KADUM, also the family fishing, is not compatible with the server. Mainly because gold sellers and other players are using it maliciously.

    I suggest a vote in the community to remove or not KADUM.

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    Removing Kadum just from Fresh Start servers is most likely never going to happen as changing an entire event and its pairing boss would effect Legacy also, and as Kadum's Bark is used in multiple Brimstone crafts removing Kadum would require changes to obsidian crafting yet again which many people would seriously hate.
    If there are continuously [Away] alts hanging around and proof that they are using the boss as a method to sell gold i suggest taking screenshots and reporting it via support, reporting with screenshots can also help with the family fishing bots as well

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    Everything what causes massive lags or massive gold diggers should be removed. No need.

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