Am I reading this right? Melee are complaining about ranged and magic? How shocking.
I am sure there is another thread nearby from an archer complaining about melee and magic, and yet another from a mage complaining about ranged and melee.

I am not trying to be snarky here, but learn your class, THEN learn the other classes. As bizarre as this next suggestion may sound, it helps - go to Marianople, or whatever the spot on that OTHER continent is and DUEL. LOSE. LEARN.
I have learned far more about the weaknesses and strengths of my class by losing to people than I ever have winning. If you lose in a close fight, try to figure out why and then go again. If you lose again, keep beating your head against the wall... EVERY class has a weakness - guard yours, exploit theirs = victory. You aren't going to fight an archer the same way you are going to fight a mage, and vice versa.

I am still gemming out my gear based upon what I am learning and where I see my weakness. Still learning and trying to come up with better combos. Believe me, after you lose to the same person a dozen times, you will figure out a way to beat them.

Yes, 4.5 implemented changes. In turn, I changed. I liked Blighter before - still do, but I am reshaping to Doomlord.

Adapt, adjust, LOSE and LEARN.

FYI - I may be the only person to freely admit this - My 8.9k GS is a COMPLETE and total compensation for not being an UBER PVPer... but I am learning and not complaining, so when it clicks... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!