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For 1v1, melee/mage vs melee/mage is in way better shape than before though mage is on top now. There are at least a lot better counterplay and tactical options that can swing things either way.

For individual skills, hell spear seems too powerful (meta-defining). And new stealth mechanics (damage boost) is poorly thought out, encouraging rock-paper-scissors situations with potentially no counter play.

Archers still seem in poor shape for 1v1 because buffed snare, all the other new ranged CCs they cant counterplay, and parry is basically still the same vs archers. XL just can't get archers right.
Not a melee or mage so will take your word on the top. I agree with your assessment about hell spear, and I have no idea what brain dead monkey decided stealth damage boost was a good idea. It's not like its worked in any game ever, yet XL puts it in after 3.5 years...

I do not find archery bad 1v1 wise outside of the game has way to much cc. I still win the vast majority of my fights, but pretty much every fight involves some idiot running around trying to land a cc lock and then running to a nui if it fails. They took all the cc and put it on trees they buffed, then took cc mitigation and shoved that on the trees they nerfed, who would have thought it would go wrong.

I havent played large scale in awhile, seems like the cc makes it even more of a 'numbers all that matters' meta.