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Thread: Happy Trails.... or, Not

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    Happy Trails.... or, Not

    Barren lands, all around, that once brought forth
    A wealth to many, ‘been cut, too short
    Seas teaming with treasure, that rivaled the “Boss”
    Have been scraped clean of their morsels, reduced, or just lost

    Your friend is a spy, your neighbor your foe
    Be wary the unguided, wherever you go
    An Army of Alts, no Guild is without
    Standing lifeless and mute, ‘til you move packs, or, a boat

    Reds using Green Alts to furl your sails
    Lower the anchor, or, Purple end-trails
    Petty behavior, for a group with so many
    No longer, give two rat raisins, out my pixel Toons fanny

    The End-Game is here, so, who will you fight
    With all that’s exposed, and brought into light
    Boring, the path chosen, for you to tread
    After all PN, you’re the reason, Game’s Dead -(O.O)-

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    And now you've come full-circle
    Staying with your black-and-white
    While I chose to pursue
    The reasons why I did fight

    "Traitor, traitor!" you shout
    On your side of the picket fence
    While my companions question
    And ask "Why are you so dense?"

    But it's fine, at least to me
    I chose my path for glory and fame
    So rather than 'kill the server'
    I see it as I 'beat the game'

    Kraken's #1 Argent Storyteller.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rururu View Post
    There are some targets which are simply not ideal to attack when they are aware of your presence.

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    There is no circle, when one stands, their ground
    Not allowing the bully’s attempt to push you around
    Sure you may get hit, beat up, and might die
    But, definitely much better than living the lie

    Black and White is not hard to follow
    It is, or, it isn’t, no magic pill you must swallow
    The green grass, a myth, there’s always too much to give up
    You’re PN, you know, screw the Toons, Fill the Cup

    Happy trails on your journey, to alienating yourself
    You’ve become the fourth novel, no one reads, on the shelf
    I’m still here, I’m still fighting, and more will arrive
    To join in this struggle to keep Kraken Alive -(O.O)-

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