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Thread: Archeage won't save sound/fps/UI size settings

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    Archeage won't save sound/fps/UI size settings

    This is getting annoying.. every time I launch the game the crappy music blasts, my UI is all messed up, etc.

    It used to be that I could put a read only tag on my system.cfg and _system.cfg and the game would stop screwing with my settings.

    However that is no longer the case. The read only tag does not prevent sound, UI settings, FPS settings, etc from resetting.

    Anyone have any helpful info, I think I am going to tear my hair out.

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    Same issue. I had no problems before uninstalling AA and then reinstalling Glyph / AA on my new SSD. Now 0 ui / graphics / sound settings will stick upon logout. When I move my pet / mount ui's and then despawn pets / mounts... it reverts to default as well. I also cannot see any crests that I have created(and I have many crest inks stored). Other players can see my crests.

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    Is your game running in admin mode? :>

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