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Thread: Unforgiven (NA)(East)(hardcore/pvp)18+

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    Unforgiven (NA)(East)(hardcore/pvp)18+

    We are looking for a few more to fill up the guild.

    - lvl 3 guild 33/40
    - looking for active pvpers we focus mostly on pvp and gear progression
    - gear score of 2.6 or higher and active in discord is a must
    - able to listen and work well in a team environment
    - over the age of 18 preferred because the majority of us are 25+ with kids and big boy jobs don't have time for kid drama
    What I am personally looking for:
    - pvpers that love naval pirating pvp
    - has a merchant or galleon so we can find people easily on the open ocean
    - has no problem with purple for profit mindset
    - rest of the above reqs also.
    If you like either one of those things I listed please message me either via in game as Tek or discord: shadz#2477
    Please let me know which one you want to do you can do both.

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    what server?

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