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    Multiple skill stun and impale durations are listed as static values

    When a player with Occultism has the Traumatize passive, which "Increases Duration of Impale and Stun Effects +20%.", skills that have stuns and impales attached to them should have their stated durations increased on the tooltips as well. This currently works correctly on the tooltips for Chain Lightning stun duration (Insulating Lens combo effect), Hellspear impale duration, Hammer Toss' stun duration, Skewer's impale duration, Charged Bolt's stun duration against bubbled targets, and Crippling Mire's stun duration when used on a target with Deathmark Aura.

    However, the follow skills which have Impale and Stun durations listed on their tooltips do not show the increased duration when the Traumatize passive is in use, and are listed as static values:
    • Cursed Thorns
    • Death's Vengeance (Both skill and buff tooltips)
    • Absorb Lifeforce

    So far when testing those skills, they do have the increased stun and impale durations, the issue is only with the tooltips not reflecting the changed duration. Furthermore, the Impale duration is not even listed for the Critical Failure passive in Abyssal Occultism.

    EDIT: With the Traumatize passive active, the impale duration on the Mist Hellspear tooltip is incorrectly calculated. The tooltip shows 6secs, when it should be 3.1s.

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    Hey Raffin,
    Thanks for reporting this.
    I wish I could fix this with a simple text change, but this is actually a functionality issue we have to report to XL to get addressed.
    I went ahead and forwarded this thread to our functionality QA department to look into.

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