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Thread: Tanking

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    What class would everyone recommend for pvp tanking? Is abolisher and blighter still effective? Thanks for the input.

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    Doomlord fantastic. Abolishers is still ok. Blighter is lacking self sustain so I wouldn't recommend. Doomlord is fantastic for tanking in any role(pvp/e) pleanty of offensive capability in addition to good self sustain and control. My doomlord build has me at 40-42khp(depending on bloomfang) being in plate I tank melee great and magic mediocre, though leather DLs I know can do a decent job tanking both. With toughen/life assorb/revital cheer/ and stam cloak frost you have a slew of self heals. Mobility is low but with laso/imprison/cruel binding most kitty people u can lock down long enough to kill. With skills like boastful roar/bull rush building pve aggros a breeze. Also crippling mire/whrilwind slash is a great aoe trip. Can't say about abolishers, I've never played but they're still allot around

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    i think auramancy is very nice if u want to tank
    Kraken NA

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    PvP tank means maximizing cc/defense in a package with decent damage if possible so it can't be ignored. As melee, Doomlord (BR/Occ/Def) is probably the best "tank" you'll get and it's a decent class all around.

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    Yeah Doomlord is a good class. I looked at dawnbreaker as well... BR,DEF, and SONG. Looks to be a good class

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    How I see it this patch: You want Occultism for obvious reasons (aoe CC...), you want defense mainly for the anti impale (you will always win tank vs tank), the added tankiness and the aoe distress and you want auramancy, mainly for the abyssal. Auramancy is really strong for tanks because you get abyssal charges so easily and can take the abyssal pull on yourself now directly before the engage. And having 12% dmg to hp combined with some received healing adds a bunch of tankiness. This makes Skullknight the best in slot pvp tank in my opinion this patch. Nightcloak isn't as good anymore because it lacks anti impale and loses the extra hp from health lift while sk keeps refreshment.

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    yeah im SK already but donno what ephe gear to go , earth 4/lake 3 cloth or earth 4/stone 3 cloth ?

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    I considered skullknight..I have heard its good for raid pvp but not so much on a 1v1 scale. If you guys have a good build for SK please shoot it my way and any type of combos that could be effective.

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