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The thing you need to understand and accept is that the Developers primarily speak another language and thus write in another language that is not English. Additionally, they are in a different time zone then Trion who is a publisher. It takes time for Trion to receive the message from us that there's a massive issue, then for them to send a message to XL that there is a problem in our instance of AA, for the XL team to fix the issue, send it, then for Trion to translate it and apply the patch, fix, whatever it is.

Some issues might be regional, some things might be across the game, I'm not gonna pretend any further to know how game design and coding works, however what I stated above should be obvious. With that said, we should be patient with both Trion and XL. They, like us, are human and are not perfect, so holding them to the standard of perfection is wrong and unfair.

The issues in game we are experiencing are being worked on, and will be released as soon as possible. And should compensation be given, it will.
Nobody said TRION / XL have to be perfect. I, in my own perspective, spoke for myself regarding the devs don't seem like working on the issue I am concerned about (unless, it was intended to be unresolved) while apparently, they could do something on other problems. Besides, it's not an excuse for the language barrier to delay something for a month (and counting) because I'm sure they hired highly competent team to deal with it. Despite of the huge number of players reaching out to raise the issue on transfers/ name change service, they couldn't supply us the details why there was no ETA on it. On the other hand, I don't despise you for what you believe in nor anyone else neither I posted a reply and intended to argue about it.