I say overburdened, because the game incorperates a ton of keys spread out across your keyboard, it's quite excessive!

And the gall to turn racial passives into active abilities was something that upset me. Just adding more keys to my limited keyboard

I used to swap to a second action bar manually for mount and sometimes just to make planting a little easier. However that is gone, as each bar is meant for different skill builds now.

One suggestion I have mentioned a few times in passing in game... was to have it so you get another action bar while you are mounted. Automatically swaps, and you can put mount skills onto your hotbar, and whatever skills you want, that can be used while mounted (charge, tiger strike, etc) and once you hop off, it automatically switches back to your last action bar. Mount skills placed here would be based on the numbered slot of the mount's skills, not specifically that one mount's skill. So each mount can still use the same hotbar.

Speaking of mount skills. Several mounts have the same skills or even skills very similar. They should line up on the bar to be in the same place. Dash being the most common. Or at least, be able to move the mount skills (on the mount bar) so that skills on the action bar will match the new positions.

I'd really like to see something akin to this be implemented, cut down on the keybind burden, and have less buttons flooding our limited screens.

Thank you.