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Thread: Plates old mdef problem on FS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trusivraj View Post
    Its almost like auramancy doesn't exist to counter magic dmg or something. *shrug*?
    And defense is there to counter physical damage. And there is block, parry and evade. Still cloth has a 100/20 split. Following your logic it should also have 120/0. Besides those auramancy skills might be good for 10 sec, but raid PVP as a tank lasts longer than 10 sec.

    Need to take a look at hiram gear, but obsidian was supposed to fix this 'error'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentient6 View Post
    But... How do I spec aura into my cookiecutter executioner/ebonsong Trusivraj

    And I kill plate users 2k gs over me in one dropback. It's all about getting the jump. Everyone can kill everyone.
    I took forever to respond to this, but HAHAHA Much truth my man.
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