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Thread: Please merge Kraken

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laevateinn View Post
    I might be looking to return, but as a purely f2p APEX-purchasing player

    When I left, APEX was around 2k each, what's the price now?
    Around 1100-1200 (which is high; it was stable for a long time at 900-1000).

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    please merge kraken NOT.i will today make a freshstart on kraken and want to play on a less pop server!
    there are server tranfsfers for offer;stop destroy happy peoples on low pop servers there gamestype with a lot of free land!
    for me,kraken sounds like paradise.im fed up by searching land like a crazy.let some low pop servers live!
    transfer you character,if you dont want low pop.
    it is also insane to close/merge servers and to reopen frestart.
    wtf??you get your land taken away for that and start permanent fresh servers?end that pls trion..let some low pop servers live,
    some just want to play archeage for farming/housing and serverss like kraken are perfect for that purpose,
    hate to get my land taken away on lowpopservers to find myself on a new server wheres no land avaiable only to see freshstartservers reopen..
    its sick for enthusiastic farming and housing fans on lowpopserver.

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