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Thread: Need Melee Aoe Farmer

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    Need Melee Aoe Farmer

    I just came back to this game after a long break. I don't have any of the required items for mana sustain. I need help with a build that lets me farm and defend myself from attacks that is easy to use, since I don't have very good reflexes. I try to use builds that I can press buttons in a simple line to get combos and such to work if you can help me with that, thanks.

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    the mana return abilities im aware of are in witch and aura, so you are likely talking about good old darkrunner but you take all the aoe stuff. whirlwind throw dagger sunder earth quake triple slash etc. and meditate. which seems nerfed. i'd go dual weild.

    if your gs is low you might need to use a shield to start with. br+defense+x. or if you have a healing weap (obs ss) you can go argent.

    im running bd now, no mana regen. i just take 30 sec break every now and then to let mana recharge. i

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