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Thread: OG Player returning , which faction? [NUI]

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    OG Player returning , which faction? [NUI]

    Sup guys , i'm known as Dragosa/Luchi/Gorenar I've been apart of Wicked on Aranzeb during the orginal launch. I've also been apart of the Disaster nation on Morpheus.

    My big question's are
    One , does anyone know me where my boyyyys attttt.
    Two , Who are the super powers in the fresh start (Guild wise)?
    Three , Which faction is the most pvp aggressive not including pirates.

    Thanks for answering my question's , things are good to know before making a decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragosa View Post
    One , does anyone know me where my boyyyys attttt.
    Most likely in prison.

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    I can say that, last I knew of them, Salty and Co. (Lauralis, Tastykate, GunnerMC, Toranashi, Jiri, ...) were in Thunderwing, but, I do believe most, if not all, have since stopped playing.
    On the 2nd and 3rd question, I cannot tell you, as I do have a fresh start account, but I don't actually play it.
    I am

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