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Thread: Advice with stuff 4.5 and forward

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    Advice with stuff 4.5 and forward

    So the last time i played actively i believe my server was called Nui...yes that's long long ago. As you can no doubt imagine i have a lot of questions, i have read forums and found some info's and also some questions i would like to know myself but there were never answered in there
    original thread so i will throw them in with my mine below.

    1# For melee dps/bruiser/tank w/e it is called here is plate or leather better? from what i've read leather is better in long run and
    higher grades but plate will get you stronger faster vs physical dmg, is this correct? also crafted or obsidian?

    2# is there any soft cap on stats or target to aim for with things like attack defense resilience toughness? and is focus still good?

    3# what is currently the most viable classes for melee? i've read things like Executioner Bladedancer Blighter Doomlord Dawncaller,
    or to put it better when i'm playing solo xxxx is better and when i go raids swap to xxxx or xxxxx is damn good play it anywhere.
    if it helps for me i like naval pvp and raid pvp

    4# i assume resetting agi for melee class is worth doing but which other? im looking at int since spr also gives parry, is this wise?

    5# for a weapon should i go buy a t7 leg or go the erenor route? ( yes i have gold, and credits/apex will have when i buy) also on topic of weapon which weapon to go for since it seems the passives are being removed

    This is all i can think of right now and also don't want to make a big too long to read wall of text

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    1. Leather if you don't use a dedicated shield, otherwise plate is good. Both end up with the same total stats but plate you have higher pdef and lower mdef. Melee has better def pen then anything else so higher pdef is nice to have but not if you don't use a mdef shield.
    2. Maybe 2k-3k softcap for focus at which point you're reducing some peoples' lower mitigations to 0% already. Focus is optional anyway but it's nice to have for those big gaps in CDs where you only have something like charge up. No cap for resil and not a meaningful cap for toughness which should be the priority of these 3 stats without exception.
    3. That's about right.
    4. Agility and int.
    5. T7 leg is the best thing under epic erenor and way under market price now. Whatever you can afford. I'd say T7 leg sword, or erenor shortspear. If you're 2h, erenor longspear. Next patch is a lot of speculation but shortspear still seems like the way to go for 1h. Don't know for 2h.

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