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Thread: Housing and Furniture

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    Housing and Furniture


    I was doing the Blue Salt brotherhood quests and have received the 8X8, 16x16 farm, as well as the design for the cottage, bed and decor. I was wondering, is it not possible to put the bed/decor in a house that is not owned by me? What if its my Family's house, technically we should be able to place decor or is that completely not available? So what should we do to be able to use the bed we crafted?

    Please help!

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    Only the owner of the building can decorate it, meaning the character that pays the taxes for the building can place the bed.

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    Thanks for the reply! So that means I must be a Patron then. I understand that I can use 2 APEX to get the 30DayPass, is that information also correct?

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    Yes. Use 2 Apex, make sure after you click it you see a brief "success " red message flash on your screen and you get the credits for each Apex(1250 credits each). Then log into glyph to your account and get the 30 days patron for 2400 credits.

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