Why not put all the world bosses to be summoned like the Titan? At least people would have a chance to get a try on them... keep timer like it is right now, so only can be done once per group/raid per event.

So if you do participate, cant be done again until event end or if you did kill it and contesting would be harder but everyone could get the content of the game instead of having PN lock everything down...

You summon the boss, you get a protected zone, you defend the protected zone that give dot damage and a -% healing factor, you kill it under timer if you can, you loot the boss, a 5min timer start so the next group can attempt it. if you did kill it, you cant participate in next group until new event happen. If leader quit the Wb and exist the zone it reset the boss after a few min so another group can do it. Doing it this way would promote people to try it if they have different time zone and would have more raid going at it.

What are you thought about it?