New deals are here. Save on storage chests and get a practically perfect new glider.

Storage Chest Sale - Fresh Start Only

We've noticed the booming growth of citizens on Nui & Ezi, and to help the adventurers keep it up, we've discounted the Spacious Storage Chest and Illustrious Storage Chest by 20%!
  • Spacious Storage Chest - 716 credits
  • Illustrious Storage Chest - 1156 credits
Go forth and bring back all the loot you can muster - you'll have plenty of space with these on your property!

Umbrella Magithopter - Legacy Only

This practically perfect magithopter is something definitely not atrocious, and better than a spoonful of sugar! You can grab it for 650 Loyalty (bound), or potentially get it in the new supply crate.

The Umbrella Magithopter Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following items:
  • Common Drops:
    • Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight Archeum Crystal
    • Green Regrade Charm
    • Blue Regrade Charm
    • Sunpoint/Moonpoint/Startpoint
    • Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight Archeum Essence
  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Glider Wingmaker Scroll
    • Yellow Regrade Charm
    • Red Regrade Charm
    • Lucky Sunpoint/Moonpoint
  • Rare Drops:
    • Wrapped Migration Scale
    • Astral Fire/Gale/Earth/Wave/Life Lunadrop
    • Superior Red Regrade charm
    • Superior Yellow Regrade charm
    • Prime Armore/Weapon Temper
    • Wrapped Saving Pendant
    • Wrapped Umbrella Magithopter
  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Resplendent Armor Temper
    • Resplendent Weapon Temper
    • Wrapped Serendipity Stone
    • Duun's Blessing

- The ArcheAge Team