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Thread: Emails about being Ban and Suspended

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    Emails about being Ban and Suspended

    Hi i got ban/suspended on the fresh start and i have no clue why. all i know is i got an email saying your account is suspended if u would like to appeal this please email this link. its been over a week now asking why i got ban/suspended and still no response from that email so I'm guessing its going to take another week before i hear what i did. another 2 weeks before i get my real appeal viewed since you guys really don't care about customer servers. tried calling in but no luck there opened a ticket still waiting there. i really love this game but you really don't love your customers your just after our money. Going to vent now. I'm sick waiting on you guys to get back to me and most likely only going to be a robot respawns too. MY IDEA IS Please when someones gets ban or suspended please say what they did and for how long in the first email you send them! cause trying to appeal its going to take you guys over a week to respond why should i wait another week to plea my cause after i find out what i did! thank for your time

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    Many MMO`s can ban without pointing out the reasons. You are a suspect to be banned, you can be banned- with or without any proof. You agree to it, or the TOS even while you register a new account. And when you know the reason it would actualy also not help much because mostly their decision is final. They have the house right.

    It is like someone stands in front of your step to your house. You NOT want this guy in your house, you have a reason why, but you dont have to point it out to him. He is just not allowed to enter.

    Also pointing it out in the forum maybe does not help. The only thing you can maybe do is:

    A) Open a ticket with support
    B) Forget about the old account, make a new one and not do the same error again (if any) what got you banned in the first place

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