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Thread: A few suggestions I hope you will consider!

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    A few suggestions I hope you will consider!

    First, I wish you would put the value of the perdita statue back to 1000 gold. It is pretty scarce these days so I can't figure out why the value was reduced, but I am super disappointed. I spend a lot of time treasure hunting in the hopes I will find valuable chests but now the time spent is not worth the small rewards. Since it is one of my favorite adventures, I find game play not near as much fun.

    Second, I would like to see the cool down on the treasure chests eliminated. They serve no purpose at all.

    Third, I think the protection time on haulers, ships, etc. should be lengthened! If I'm hauling something and get DC'd, I cannot get back into game before my protective eye runs out and when I get back into game my vehicle is gone. I think it's wrong that a player is penalized for DC'ing. That is something that is out of our control! And since we don't all have high speed internet connection which makes relogging fast, we should be assured that our packs will not be stolen because the protection runs out before we get back into game.

    Fourth, Please please please put stealth back the way it was. The cooldown after stealth runs out changes the whole skill ability. Since I don't pvp if I can help it, stealth saved my ♥♥♥ more than a few times. Not being able to stay stealth continuously hinders my game tremendously. I am not at all happy with this change!

    I hope you will take these changes into consideration. I know there are many out there who feel the same way.
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    I agree the owner's mark is too short.

    I think the stealth changes were almost the only good thing in 4.5 so I disagree with you there.

    Sunken box timers are needed to counter hackers and bots. I'm ok with perdita nerf but avg loot needs to be buffed to make up for it. Sunken box loot is too low.

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    I also disagree with the stealth changes being bad. I used it a ton before and it's pretty dumb that you can do entire trade runs in stealth if you wanted to. Now at least you use it when it's needed instead of everyone running around in stealth 24/7.

    The perdita nerf was pretty stupid. It already only just made sense sometimes to do sunken treasures with how rare they are and now the only reason to do them is if you wanted a chrome sub . . . and even then it takes so long and is so boring there isn't much point. The cooldown is there to stop teleporting bots getting all the chests, I could see that being cut in half at the very least.

    Owners mark I can see maybe going to 2 minutes, possibly. I still like it where it is. It used to be WAY WAY worse. It has to be balanced between the ability to steal vehicles from people and unloading time. It's primary purpose isn't to stop people stealing your cart when you crash and have to reload, it's actually designed so that you can unload and load packs or talk to a quest giver, or kill a few mobs for a quest... those kinds of things.
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