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Thread: Post of someone very unhappy and wrong in many things

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    Post of someone very unhappy and wrong in many things

    Trion, I must have many accounts open without continuity. but that's your fault.
    But rest assured, I am a regular user of Archeage, one of the most loyal since launch.
    I'm not beta tester because I did not get it.
    But I've been here since launch in 2014.
    I did not know much at the official launch and did many things wrong.
    But even being a user with pve priorities I know I did a lot of weapon and armor things that were at least one of the first 50 or so.
    When I crafted my first plate armor magnifent, I made it into a craft, and I know it was one of the first.
    I was one of the only ones at the auroria launch and saw the absurdities that happened. if it took a moment to start again it was that.
    What matters is that even being faithful, giving money (little?) But always a little I am very dissatisfied.
    You ♥♥♥♥ with one of the best mmos that could have been made.
    Reason for this post?
    It makes a server for those who have never been able to enjoy the game. You're really going to die.
    It leaves me ♥♥♥ink to finish all options of the game before finishing everything like this engaging.

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    I been here since alpha. Where you can't even get in without paying 150 dollar. Over the years I have watched and play this game. I love this game and know that it great but recent updates just things unplayable and with every update the game have been less and less enjoyable. I think a lot of people see the potential of this game. However I know I have no control of the direction it going however all I can say is once money stop. I don't think that trion or xl games will listen we have all said it before for year now. It still business as usual and they will move on to other projects once the money is dry up
    Been a month and my ticket have yet been resolve.
    My account was hacked and i lost everything
    Never Solved but not happy

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