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    Death's vengeance stun duration

    If we watch the tooltips the skill say stun 6 Sec , -50% in pvp so normaly 3 sec ( that not happen yet ingame its still 6 sec look like we are mob's )

    And if watch play Dead tooltips that say -50% duration again , so 6 -50% = 3sec for normal one -50% = 1.5 sec for play dead one right ?

    So it is normal we take 6 sec stun if pvp when ppl used play dead ? skill bug or description bug ?

    I don't speak English very well, so don't be a bad guy's and try to understand me <3

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    Fixed this a while ago, so the corrected text shoooooould be going live with today's patch if my dates are right.

    If not, i guarantee it's fixed in our files so the corrected text is on the way. Ty for the report!

    (And to confirm, the current expected functionality is 6sec stun if you actually die and 3sec stun if you pop it with play dead.)

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