So, guys, first of all I apologize my English skills
I'm a beginner level 50 Reaper on Nui and phase 2 is coming, so I'm completely confused on what should I do to gear my char. I already have full arcane GHA set(didn't regrade it cause as I said...confused and not doing pvp atm, etc) and arcane GHA scepter plus unique GHA shield(have a GHF arcane staff storaged). Considering Epherium and Hiram set is coming in few days, should I regrade my set to divine at least and farm mats to epherium/grind hiram? Is epherium worth it for mages right now? Scepter+ shield or staff?
I have 2 16x16 farms to produce my stuff and running 30-day labor buff,doing dungeons,guild and family dailies,GR,trading packs,etc...

So many questions omg, can u guys help me? LOL