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Thread: limiting the value that cash itens can be sold for gold

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helltwou View Post
    Is there a new way to earn credits besides APEX or $$$?
    No. There is no point in pegging credits to gold because it creates all kinds of terrible impacts to the economy once that threshold is reached. Primarily that the moment the value of APEX is above 800g (since they used 800g in the example) Trion instantly stops generating revenue from APEX. The entire point of APEX existing is so that Trion can profit off of players willingness to buy progress off of other players.

    If Trion instead attempted to change the price of APEX along with the economy then they will get it wrong often or be too delayed for proper reactions.

    Do you know what does float the value of APEX with the ability for people to pay for it with gold? The auction house.
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    fewer people play archeage
    fewer people buy apex with real money
    inflation is generated
    "less amount of apex = more expensive"

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