So coming back on fresh start. Been at it for 4 weeks now. I have seen a lot of changes.

One I play dreadstone. Because I saw all the things removed from skills now. Like toxic shot. Bleed. But even in occultism telekinesis mana push..all gone...why?

I'd of just up my founders account but they deleted it..along with everything that i had.

But fresh is supposed to be like launch. But no wagons..guilds star things cost 2x as much. They took trader out of gwen. But there are a lot of things that are not there. And many that should. Along with things being a bit wonky.

But seeing I can't play the class I wanted to play cause all the combos are gone...

How do I approach the dreadstone

I have shield septer..leather stacking agi sta int.

Is this right or should I go plate armor..not even 100 percent my build is good. But archery is primary damage occ is cc damage and defense bluffs and roar to combo some occ moves to.

Any help would be appreciated