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Thread: 16x16 farm quest (EAST)

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    16x16 farm quest (EAST)


    Recently returned player.. looking to expand my farming area with lvl 30 alts..

    Does anyone have a guide for this quest now a days?
    I figured with the trading changes old guides outdated.

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    No real guide, but quick and dirty version:

    8x8 is at lvl 30, 16x16 is at lvl 50. 8x8 can be upgraded to a 16x16 with a built-in farmers workstation, and regular 16x16 (not the 8x8 upgrade) can be turned into a 24x24 (gazebo).

    8x8 quest starts in Halcyona, at the little hub west/northwest from the World Gate from Ynystere. You'll have to follow some quests around Halcyona, Hellswamp, Sandeep, and I think a little bit into Rookborne.

    If I remember right, 16x16 quest starts in Solis (Austera), sends you to Mahadevi to get donkey, then back to Solis, and then across the sea. You are given a Captain's Protection certificate, so you can ride the carebear boat across to the turn-in.

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    Thank you.

    16x16 @ 50.. definately something new.. used to be lvl 30 for 16x16.

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    Levelling on the old servers to level 30 is pretty fast with a Warborn or a Dwarf much faster than with the "old" races. Entering trade packs is now also for level 30 and higher. I prefer Warborn because there is a lot of available land in Sunbite.

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