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Thread: Regarding OLD Obsidian upgrade path @muzzy @celestrata

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    Regarding OLD Obsidian upgrade path @muzzy @celestrata

    Malevolent Obsidian can no longer be acquired, but it can be used to craft previously discontinued Obsidian items.

    Regarding the newest patch note "Phase 2 - Claim" by Celestrata, I seriously having concerns about this (since I have several old obsidian tier 1 -discontinued- in my inventory)

    should I upgrade now or will they be unable to upgrade since malevolent is not gonna be able to acquired anymore?

    @muzzy @celestrata
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    The way I see it, you should make sure you have enough malevolent obsidian for old T1 & T2 obsidian items you still own / you plan on using. It might would be a good idea to stack up on those before the patch. I am looking forward to complaints of people buying an item of the old tiers while being unable to upgrade them anymore.

    Edit: Just checked the Mirage Salvage Forge on the test server: You don't need Malevolant Obsidian at all. The recipe shows Mercury Solution.
    -> I guess you don't need it anymore after the patch.
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