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Thread: Is GHA cloth with full gems viable?

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    Thumbs up Is GHA cloth with full gems viable?

    i dont want to spend tons of gold for epherium gears, so i think if i still go with my 4divine 3epic GHA cloth with full gems will it viable?
    actually i really love the 7-set effects from gha cloth that give the 3% chance of lightning , this effect trigger more often and it does lots of damage especially for plate user
    or GHA will trash in the phase 2, should i go for epherium better?

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    considering that this new gear that is coming in Phase 2 is in delphinad range at celestial i would say save your gems for that gear as it will be likely meta gear for a while, at least until delph and ayanad crafted doesn't come out so it will be viable for a couple of months most likely at least
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    Play what you enjoy. what you show will probably be good enuff for phase 2. However, what looks good early may fall along the wayside down the road.

    I had the same idea about the childkiller bow. Really like the bonuses. But then I saw the equipment comparison option on the bottom left of the equipment bag. Childkiller basic is 183 dmg. Epherium basic is 210 dmg.

    Big difference, and more than makes up for not having the "nifty" additional powers.

    Im going with Epherium.

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