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Thread: gear/upgrade advice

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    gear/upgrade advice

    My wife and I are looking to get new gear/upgrade at some point.

    I have (Archer) Epic T6 leather armor, Leg T7 bow, epic T6 dagger/shield (magic def)/Divine t6 shield(physical), Leg T6 Flute/Divine T6 Lute. Divine/epic accessories Ayanad/Delph level, dream ring, mythic halcy necklace.

    Wife (healer) Epic T6 cloth, Leg T7 club, Epic T6 shield, divine/epic accessories/instrument, dream ring, mythic halcy necklace, and working on the Library Earring.

    We haven't upgraded anything since 3.0 (when we did it all dropped in value big time after 3.5 I think it was). So just been saving gold. We will have 500-600k each to upgrade or replace equipment/weapons. Any suggestions on the best path/bang for the gold?

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    The most common answer you will get is:
    Go for erenor weapons (bow for you, club for your wife). But keep in mind that you need at least epic erenor to improve from your legendary t4 (former t7).
    Aside from that, you can now take your halcy necklaces to eternal.

    Leaving other possible gear ugprades, changing your lunagems might be a good idea, but we can't give you detailed advice on that since we don't know what you have. Same for costume/underwear.

    Try this site to show your current gear: http://archeagecalculator.com
    (not everything works perfectly there but at least you can show most of what you have)

    PS: old t7 can now be resealed and sold (but the price went down pretty much)
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    We did work on our costume and underwear, they are both Eternal. Yeah, I need to change out my gems on my weapons and such or make new ones for the crits now, think we have all the materials for the lunagems, without it being an additional cost, for the most part.

    Have all the T6 stuff fully gem'd with the older honor gems, have the hero gems fully on head pieces. We have a lot of honor sitting around, gem materials and such, that the cost should be at least 70 - 80% covered for new stuff for gems, if something is replaced.

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