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Thread: My account has been banned for no reason.

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    My account has been banned for no reason.

    As stated above, my account has been banned for no reason. I have read the terms of use and contract of agreement of the game sent by Trion automated mail saying that i have violated their rules and guidelines which they did not specified/stated which rules my account have violated. I also have sent 2 inquiry mails to the appeals but still have not gotten any reply/answer from them. Ive been playing this game since launch, never did i break any of the rules and guidelines set by trion. If i ever did, it would be really helpful if the team could point out what did i do wrong so that i can defend myself. As far as i could remember i did not do anything that could lead my account to be banned/suspended.

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    The forums are not the place to contest a ban. Please make sure you are following the procedures detailed here.

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